Cord Cutters: Our review of TiVo’s new Roamio DVR

TiVo’s new Roamio DVR promises a tight integration of personal recordings and online streaming services. But does it work for cord cutters? [youtube=]

Show notes for this episode:

  • TiVo’s new Roamio comes in three flavors: The $200 Roamio comes with 4 tuners and a 500GB hard drive, the $400 Roamio Plus has 6 tuners and a 1 TB hard drive and the $600 Roamio Pro has 6 tuners and a 3 TB hard drive. However, only the $200 base model works with an antenna for free over-the-air TV. The two other models require a cable subscription. More infos on TiVo’s website.
  • Roamio got its name from its ability to stream recorded shows to mobile devices both within your home and on the go. However, only the $400 and $600 models can stream video. Buyers of the base model need to invest another $130 in a streaming adapter.
  • Check out our interview with TiVo VP of Product Marketing Jim Denney.

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