Want to see Google Glass at work in the hospital? Philips, Accenture offer a preview

Want a sneak peak at what could be the future of wearable technology in medicine? In a video released Thursday, electronics giant Philips and Accenture offer a proof-of-concept demonstration showing how Google Glass could help surgeons on the floor of the emergency room and in the operating theater.

Since uber-early adopters starting wearing the smart eyewear about town this spring,  those in healthcare have been discussing its potential in their own field: Qualcomm (s QCOM) and California health system Palomar Health announced the creation of an incubator for exploring the applications of wearable computing in medicine. And developers across the country, like Rock Health graduate Augmedix and Washington, DC-based Silica Labs, have been working on applications for the new platform.

The video from Philips and Accenture gives a futuristic little window into what the experience could actually look like for doctors. For example, it shows a doctor checking a patient’s vital signs while en route to an appendectomy and then recording notes via voice command during surgery.

Just don’t expect to see Glass at the hospital the next time you check in. Dr. Anthony Jones, vice president and chief marketing officer of patient care and clinical informatics for Philips Healthcare, emphasized that there isn’t a timeline for making this technology commercially available. The company still has work to do consulting with hospital systems and clients to figure out the best ways to incorporate the technology into the workflows of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

“Our purpose was to spark some imagination and show a very practical use for a new technology that I think a lot of people are still looking at as somewhat of a novelty,” he said.

Check out the video below: