Google Glass app brings in-game GPS from GTA 3 to your eye

When you hear someone mention “Google Glass,” does the thought of video gaming come to mind? Probably not, since Google’s(s goog) prototype device excels at getting and showing data from Google services such as Google+, Gmail and Google Now. That’s why a new unofficial Glass app created by Mike DiGiovanni has me rethinking the use of Glass for gaming: DiGiovanni’s app shows in-game GPS for Grand Theft Auto 3.

Here’s a picture taken while playing the game; you can see the GPS up in the top right — on Glass — mirrors the GPS in the game:

GTA 3 GPS in Glass

DiGiovanni is no stranger to making Glass apps: He’s also the brains behind Winky, the Glass app that lets you take a picture by winking.

Earlier this week I noted that in its current form, Glass is fairly limited; useful, yes but only for very specific types of things. Once developers can start distributing applications, the value of Glass could skyrocket. I don’t think we’ve yet figured out the capabilities that Glass — and other wearables — will bring to our digital future, but apps will help.

Ironically, my son was just playing a driving video game last night where DiGiovanni’s software would have come in handy. I was watching the on-screen GPS and shouting out directions as he was focused on driving fast and weaving through traffic.

Glass for gaming? Yup, I see the potential now.