Verizon takes on big game with new enterprise IaaS; The week in cloud

The new Verizon(s vz) Cloud,  announced last week, has some big game in its sights. Verizon CTO  John Considine said the cloud offers the scale of a huge cloud but without the “noisy neighbor” issues associated with other public clouds (read: Amazon Web Services(s amzn)). Noisy neighbor happens when one customer’s cloud workload on shared infrastructure sucks up most of the resources impacting other jobs on the same infrastructure.

Verizon Cloud builds on work by CloudSwitch a company Verizon acquired in 2011 again optimized version of the Xen hypervisor. And Considine said it will run existing VMware workloads  — an important consideration given that VMware virtualization dominates in corporate server rooms. for more on the guts of the system and its prospects check out Gartner cloud guru Lydia Leong’s take. 

Considine said Verizon will continue to support and sell its existing VMware-oriented Terremark cloud offerings — but it’s clear what its priority is now. This effort  represents a further, serious fraying of VMware’s relationships with service providers and telcos. VMware, as we all know, is now offering its own public cloud services that compete with such partners.

The cloud melee continues as AWS adds more services and perks for enterprise customers that worry about putting their mission-critical data or apps in a public cloud while enterprise IT players — Dell(s dell), Hewlett Packard(s hpq), Microsoft (s msft)VMware, IBM(s ibm), Red Hat(s rhat), Rackspace(s rax) , take your pick — add public cloud options but stress that hybrid cloud is the model to follow. What’s not clear is whether there is enough paying cloud work to support all of these guys. We’ll see.

Paypal brings Netflix’ AWS Asgard tool to OpenStack arena

This is really interesting. PayPal(s ebay) has adapted and tweaked Asgard, the Netflix-built tool for easing deployments on Amazon Web Services, for OpenStack.

As GigaOM’s Derrick Harris reported — this is a good thing for OpenStack which still lacks some key tooling compared to what AWS offers (much of it thanks to Netflix own efforts.) When more of these key tools are available to OpenStack could help adoption of the open-source cloud infrastructure.

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