Linquet uses the cloud to make sure you never lose anything valuable again

Linquet is an internet of things company with its sights set on connecting real objects to the cloud. The company’s name is pronounced Link-et, and it plans to connect, or linq, your valuables to the cloud so that you never leave them behind again. And if you do, they’ll still be easy to find.


Linquet was founded in 2011 by Pooya Kazerouni, a serial entrepreneur who is “driven by the need to solve everyday problems with inventive technology.” Having built his first startup at 18, Kazerouni has built companies in the fields of investment, manufacturing, and technology.

I spoke with Kazerouni ahead of our Mobilize 2013 Product Showcase in less than two weeks. Linquet is one of eight finalists in the Mobilize Product Showcase and will be showing off its tags at the event.

“We’re all losers,” according to Kazerouni. By that he means we all have busy lives and every day we misplace or lose valuable items like phones, wallets, keys, laptops and bags. He claims that 160,000 phones are misplaced, lost or stolen every single day.


Linquet’s plan is to solve this through a tiny piece of hardware and a free app. The hardware is a small tag that attaches to whatever you wish to keep an eye on. The tag is connected to your Android(s goog) or iOS(s aapl) smartphone via Bluetooth, and will sound an alarm on both your phone and your connected valuables when one travels out of range of the other.

In case you miss the alert, Linquet will also upload the time and location of both your phone and valuables to the cloud, which you can review using the app in case something goes missing.

Linquet app

Linquet is just wider than a quarter and its replaceable battery lasts for up to a year. It has a range of up to 100 feet and Bluetooth 4.0 means it shouldn’t be a big drain on your phone battery. It’s highly customizable, and includes features like the ability to notify trusted friends when you’ve left something behind.

Linquet is using a hardware-as-a-service business model. Each Linquet device is provided for free, with a small monthly cost that decreases with the more devices you use.

According to Kazerouni, “Albert Einstein famously said: ‘Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them’, and we want our users to be geniuses. Linquet wants to remove lost from your vocabulary.”