announces apps for Android and Chromecast, DLNA support, the DVR for cord cutters, is working on apps for both Android (S GOOG) and Chromecast, and is looking to add DLNA support to get on even more TV screens. announced the forthcoming apps in an email to users this weekend, which read in part:

“Google recently released Chromecast and we’ve been working on native support that we plan to deliver once Google gives us the high-sign. We’re also a new member of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and are looking forward to working the DLNA devices as well. Our goal: if it plays video and connects to the Internet, we’ll be on it…”

DLNA is a widely adopted home networking standard that could enable to stream recordings as well as live TV streams to a PS3, Xbox360 and a number of connected TVs. is selling a networked DVR that lets users record shows on a local hard drive, and then stream them to Roku devices, browsers and iPads(s aapl) within and outside of the home. The company recently announced its second-generation hardware, which is being manufactured by Silicondust. There’s no word yet on when the new hardware will go on sale, or how much it will cost.