What is the absolute requirement for iPaaS and SaaS?

When considering integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) providers, it’s important to look at the trajectory of the cloud market and how it aligns with your company’s specific needs.

An absolute requirement

The value of iPaaS extends beyond the integration of cloud-based business applications with one another and now lies in real-time connectivity. Mobile integration has become a key element of focus in the most forward-thinking companies that are utilizing iPaaS to expose REST APIs to mobile applications, internal systems and  business partners. Integrating app and systems data is no longer a differentiator; real-time integration has become the new absolute requirement.

What fuels innovation in iPaaS?

These same innovative companies are also gearing up for new directions within the cloud market. As more businesses hop on the cloud bandwagon, the sole adoption and integration of SaaS applications is becoming standard. Differentiation will increasingly depend on a business’ ability to create custom applications that can take advantage of cloud-based services. More than ever, innovation will be fueled by companies combining these custom apps with existing, commoditized and new applications. The foundation of this innovation is an integration platform that provides a flexible and powerful development environment.

Start today

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