Video look at the HP Chromebook 11 and its vivid display

A review unit of the new HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11 just arrived and I can already tell the improved display will make some people happy. To my eyes, the IPS display looks clearer and colors appear more vivid than on my older Chromebooks(s goog) — save for the Pixel — even though most of them have the same 1366 x 768 resolution. The aspect ratio makes the screen look wider too.

But rather than tell you about the new Chromebook 11, why don’t I just show you? Here’s a brief look at the new device, what’s in the box, the specs and a walk around the hardware.


Note: I decided to try something new and provide a true first person perspective with this video, so I used Google Glass. As a result — even after stabilizing the video — the camera won’t be steady, so you’ve been warned! I’ll either work on keeping my head straighter the next time or simply revert back to a camera and tripod in the future.