Motorola might be working on a 6.3-inch phone

Motorola(s goog) makes the 5-inch d, but it has yet to truly enter the “phablet” arena with a very big smartphone. That could be changing, as rumors suggest the company is at work on a 6.3-inch device called the Motorola Xplay.

The rumor comes via Chinese site Sina Weibo, and details are extremely scarce at the moment, other than a 2014 release date. 6.3 inches is pretty huge — right up there in Samsung Galaxy Mega territory. But even if Motorola isn’t working on a phone quite as large as that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is working on something that falls into the 5-5.9-inch phablet realm. After the success that Samsung has seen with its Galaxy Note series, it seems like a logical market for Motorola to explore.

Also rumored is the Droid Quantum, believed to be a follow up to the Droid Ultra. Again details are in short supply, but keep in mind the Droid Ultra just hit the market, so I wouldn’t expect to see the Quantum too soon, if it even exists at all.