Twitter forms social TV partnership with Comcast and NBCUniversal

Twitter is making huge strides in entering the TV market. Fresh off of the first Nielsen/Twitter TV report, the social media microblogging site has announced a partnership with Comcast and NBCUniversal that will bring social TV features to eligible cable subscribers.

xfinity-thevoice-comcast-twitterThe first tangible feature out of this partnership is “See It,” a feature for Comcast Xfinity subscribers that promotes content discovery via Twitter feed. For example, while perusing the News feed a user will be able click the See It button online, activating a menu of options, including tuning in to live TV or setting a DVR. Customers will also be able to set reminders for shows, start an On Demand movie or even buy movie tickets through Fandango.

The goal, of course, is to turn tweets about a show into a direct portal to watching it — both Twitter and Comcast are actively seeking partnerships with other channels to promote content.

Twitter will also be working with NBCUniversal to enact a large advertising partnership to deliver promotional content and video right in a newsfeed. NBC Sports Group will be the first to test that framework out by posting Premier League highlights directly into feeds. More channels will soon be using the partnership to their own ends, particularly as USA Network rolls out a second-screen campaign to promote the syndication of Modern Family and E! works to promote engagement during the red carpet.

This partnership is another sign that Twitter is tackling social TV from soup to nuts, not only providing insight to television networks about how second-screen activity affects viewership, but also creating content to capitalize on that opportunity. This is likely to be the first of many partnerships as Twitter continues to build its presence with traditional cable and network TV, and could be the extra boost it needs to become profitable.