Find the money in mobile next week at Mobilize

The internet of things will see the emergence of all kinds of consumer devices that will often be connected through multiple technologies and networks. It will also produce offerings that will improve the lives of users who may not even know they exist.

Join us at Mobilize on Oct. 16 and 17 to hear key mobile executives discuss the opportunities that exist in the world of the multiconnected consumer and the challenges that the market will face. Topics and speakers will include:

Simplifying the IoT for consumers

What kinds of connected devices will be available to the consumer of tomorrow, and how will users make sense of an incredibly complex market? Gary Shapiro of the Consumer Electronics Association will discuss the trends occurring in the early days of the internet of things, Paul Gaudio of adidas will explain how wearable devices can deliver personalized services to health-conscious consumers, and Samsung Design Studio’s Dennis Miloseski will shed light on the role design plays in making technology useful for mainstream users.

Mobile data: from the biggest cities to the lone user

Mobile data will be used to improve our lives both on a huge scale and in the most personal ways imaginable. Michael Halbherr of Nokia will explain how a navigation grid will help people make their way through our noisiest and most confusing urban environments, and Freescale Semiconductor’s Kaivan Karimi will discuss how sensors in our devices will help us live more efficiently.

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