Fitbit shows smartwatches don’t have be thick and, well, ugly

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.13.14 PM

The Fitbit Force

Sure, there are some good looking smartwatches out there, but let’s be honest: many, like the Galaxy Gear, don’t exactly have the horologists in the crowd crowing about their beauty.

But with the Fitbit Force, a new smartwatch out from the leader in health-monitoring wearables, they’ve managed to make a slim and somewhat sexy device. The device, which is available today, is a good looking and slim companion smartwatch/health monitoring device available for $129.

It’s devices like the Force – and FiLIP – that show that smartwatches will come in many different sizes, shapes and flavors. While general purpose smartwatches, like the Galaxy Gear, have a tougher road to hoe in that they have to appeal to a mass market, devices like the Force are going to appeal to a large niche like fitness buffs.

But here’s the thing: by making a good looking watch to boot, Fitbit potentially expands their market beyond just health nuts to people who may be aspirational health nuts, or just someone who wants a cool and relatively futuristic piece of fashion on their wrist.

And that’s why we see the smartwatch market growing to 15 million next year and much more beyond 2014.