Public cloud growth is unstoppable

As reported by GigaOM,The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal. This poll shows public cloud is growing quickly and that concerns about PRISM data snooping by the NSA is not that big of a deal.

Indeed “62.5 percent (or 35) respondents said they increased their use of public cloud over the past year while 26.8 percent (15 respondents) did not. Perhaps more tellingly, a healthy 84.4 percent (or 38 people) said they plan to increase public cloud use in the upcoming year while 8.9 percent said they did not plan to do so. Less than a quarter of those responding (20.5 percent) said worry over government surveillance affected their public cloud plans while 68.2 percent said it had no affect.”

I was actually taken aback by the lack of concern around the NSA issue.  On second thought, I see a few reasons behind those numbers:  First, we’re not yet putting data in the cloud that we much care about.  Second, most of us pretty much understand that data housed outside the company is going to get examined at some point.  In the world of Facebook and Twitter, we’re kind of used to that situation.  Finally, what else are we going to do?  The use of public cloud computing, much like the rise of the Web in the 90s, is a foregone conclusion.  You might as well get onboard.