Is Samsung planning to introduce the Galaxy S 5 in January?

Will Samsung’s next big Galaxy go into orbit soon than expected? A report on South Korean news site Naver suggests that Samsung could be readying the Galaxy S 5 for a launch as soon as January 2014, with a release to follow in February.

The reason for the rush? Weaker-than-anticipated sales for the Galaxy S 4. Business Insider recently reported that Samsung missed its sales targets for the Galaxy S 4 and must rely on its components supply arm to balance out its earnings. Introducing the Galaxy S 5 sooner than later could turn this around.

Of course, you should take this news with a major grain of salt, as Samsung is expected to report record-breaking third-quarter earnings, likely due in part to the popularity of the Galaxy S 4.

In addition to a potential January announcement, the report tips a 64-bit octo-core Exynos processor and a 16-megapixel OIS camera for the Galaxy S 5.

Samsung has traditionally introduced its new flagship Galaxy phones in the second quarter. Introducing the Galaxy S 5 early next year means the Galaxy S 4 won’t even be a year old. I’m not so certain Samsung is strapped for cash badly enough to do that.