Nokia wants to make sense out of the real world through Here

Nokia(s nok) is looking to take mapping to the next level. At this year’s GigaOM Mobilize 2013 conference, Hans-Peter Brondmo, vice president and head of new product innovation for Nokia Here, spoke about making sense of the real world through mapping that makes more sense.

“When you think about what is location all about in a mobile world… it’s about connecting or bridging us between the virtual world and the real world. I think a map is really just a way to guide you through your life, so what we like to think about is creating maps for life,” Brondmo said.

But Nokia isn’t interested in creating the flat, static maps we’re used to. Instead, it is working to create an actual model of the real world — one that can actually show you where you are in an accurate 3D representation. Technology like this could allow your GPS to tell you to make a turn when you see a particular restaurant or landmark, as opposed to just standard street names.

“When you look at Google and what they do, they index the virtual world… You can ask questions that start with what… Facebook indexed humanity … you can ask questions that start with who. What we’re really setting out to do is answer all questions that start with where… We’re creating the where index,” Brondmo said.

Check out the rest of our Mobilize 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follow below:

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