The Chrome Show: Hands on with the HP Chromebook 11

So is the HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11 worth the $279? Kevin thinks so: He left his Pixel behind for a cross-country trip. But there are some nice alternatives worth considering as well. Meanwhile, all Chromebooks(s goog) get a boost with updates to both the Beta and Stable channels in the past week. And if you haven’t played Super Mario in HTML5, you haven’t truly played Super Mario!

Note, this week’s show was recorded entirely in the GigaOM San Francisco office where across the street construction is taking place. We apologize for the background noise.

[protected-iframe id=”90a0ffc644cd013624d09d4eb2e86e1a-14960843-4856826″ info=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ scrolling=”no”]
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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Hands on with the HP Chromebook 11 after a few days

Both the Stable and Beta channels of Chrome OS get an update

Is there a Chromebook Pixel 2.0? Perhaps

Chrome usage on iOS is double what it was 14 months ago

Want a smoother Chromecast experience on an ARM Chromebook? Try the Dev channel.

App / extension of the week: Full Screen Mario; a Mario Brothers game port in HTML 5