Add $0.50 worth of sensors to your iPhone 5s and it’ll be able to track your emotions

The new iPhone (s AAPL) 5s includes a coprocessor containing about $3 worth of sensors. Add two more sensors to it — costing about $0.50 — and the phone’s ability to track human emotion increases drastically. That’s according to research from Freescale Semiconductor, which the company’s Executive Director of Global Strategy and Business DevelopmentĀ Kaivan Karimi presented at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference Thursday.

With the additional $0.50 in sensors, your iPhone 5s could track your heartrate and know when it’s spiking based on physical activity, versus when it’s changing due to your emotions, Karimi said. That means companies will be able to “track people’s emotions via their gadgets” — and all it will cost is $3.50 in today’s dollars.

Check out the rest of our Mobilize 2013 live coverageĀ here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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