Apple tops customer satisfaction on AT&T and Verizon while Samsung leads on Sprint and T-Mobile

The Android(s goog) v. iOS(s aapl) war is so pronounced, it’s even happening at the carrier level. On Thursday, J.D. Power released its most recent smartphone satisfaction survey and the battle lines are clearly drawn: AT&T(s t) and Verizon(s vz)(s vod) customers rank satisfaction highest with Apple’s iPhone while Sprint(s s) and T-Mobile(s tmus) customers are more satisfied with Samsung handsets. It should be noted that the T-Mobile results don’t include the iPhone, however, since it wasn’t sold when the survey began.

Both companies should be happy, as they’re the only two that exceed the average satisfaction of all mobile phones for all four major U.S. carriers. I suspect Apple is a bit happier, however, since it has higher satisfaction rankings on the two largest network operators, which together account for around 226 million U.S. subscribers, or nearly two-thirds of all mobile subscribers in the country.

Samsung’s ranking of 853 (on a 1,000 point scale) just barely nudged out Apple’s score of 849 on Sprint, so it will be interesting to see the next J.D. Power survey for two reasons. First, Apple’s new iPhone 5c and 5s handsets — which were only on sale for a very limited time during the current survey — could potentially reverse the Sprint rankings. And second, we’ll have customer satisfaction data from T-Mobile for the first time since it started selling the iPhone.