Tesco cashes in on machine data

Tesco.com is a leading multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer that operates in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and North America. Tesco.com serves the U.K. market with grocery shopping from home, general merchandise and clothing, as well as banking and insurance services.

Tesco customers expect to be able to shop where, when and how they want, blurring the boundary between physical and online shopping. To meet these high expectations, Tesco developers, business and web analysts, and operations teams needed a more complete understanding of what products and website features customers were engaging with to better understand customer conversion and improve user experience.

They now use Splunk and their machine data to track online customer activity, transactions and connectivity issues along with helping to identify and resolve website error trends before they become widespread problems.

Tesco also uses Splunk to help accelerate their application development. Hundreds of Tesco engineering and test team members worldwide access test environment logs via Splunk, which has led to faster, more agile development and shorter development cycles. Collaboration has also been enhanced among geographically separated development teams.

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