The internet of things: transforming enterprises from the inside out

The internet of things is creating amazing opportunities for all types of businesses. Its “extreme connectivity” is paving the way for a new generation of commercial products and experiences that delight customers and drive significant revenue streams. For everyone from entrepreneurs to established brands, the possibilities for compelling connected offerings are limitless.

With so much excitement about the IoT’s commercial potential, you might wonder if enterprise IT has a place in this revolution. The answer is unequivocally yes. The IoT enables a whole new level of efficiencies and insights that can help enterprises transform themselves from the inside out.

By building sensor-based solutions, IT can deliver real-time views into critical operations, giving enterprises the intelligence and tools needed to vastly improve decision making, streamline key processes and optimize asset management.

Imagine using a connected solution to optimize your supply chain by continuously tracking the location and status of objects throughout their life cycle. Or keeping critical assets in stock through alerts that automatically notify your systems when supplies are low and trigger replenishments. Or monitoring shopper activity to uncover in-store traffic and buying patterns that inform better store design and boost sales.

These applications, and so many more, are possible today with the internet of things. You just need an idea, a platform and a place to start. Xively provides the IoT public cloud, robust partner ecosystem and know-how needed to help enterprises and vendors quickly reap IoT’s benefits.

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