3 reasons Pioneers Festival is the tech event you don’t want to miss!

2,500 startups, founders, hackers, investors, corporates, media and tech innovators will soon gather from around the world at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna. Join the Premium Event for Entrepreneurship and Future Technologies and get inspired by our disruptive tech product showcases, mind-blowing future trends, global top speakers and an unforgettable Halloween afterparty:  It’s Pioneers Festival, Oct. 30 and 31.

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1. Not just another web conference

Web and mobile: just one integral part of the future technologies that are influencing our lives and facilitating innovation. Pioneers Festival extends beyond and includes AI and robotics, digital health, aerospace, and the makers’ movement in its entirety. Over 60 speakers, those who really invent and create the future will welcome you to our Innovation Wonderland.

2. Quality over quantity

Quality is crucial, something you can’t find simply through size. Attendees don’t want to meet thousands of people but instead spend quality time with the right ones. Combined with a great atmosphere and inspiring speakers and showcases, our event is a real spectacle. That’s what Pioneers is about: quality. Here’s last year’s review trailer for a taste of what’s coming up.

3.     Future tech and history combined

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is one of the most historically rich buildings in Europe, and Vienna is continually voted the most livable city in the world. This unique blend of history and innovation sets the perfect stage to celebrate entrepreneurship and future technologies.

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(Photo: Heisenberg Media)