Amazon listings hint at new Apple TV

There’s no rumor like an Apple (S AAPL) TV rumor: Refreshed Apple TV hardware could be available as early as next week, if we trust hints on Amazon’s (S AMZN) German and French websites. Both sites briefly listed the current-generation Apple TV as unavailable this week, stating that they’d be able to ship the device again on October 23.

Of course, that could mean many things. Maybe people in Europe have just been buying too many Apple TVs, and Amazon is waiting for the next shipment to arrive. But the folks over at Apple Insider were quick to point out that October 23 is just one day after the next Apple press event, which the company scheduled for next Tuesday.

Apple is widely expected to introduce new iPads that day, but the company could also use the event to introduce an update to its Apple TV streaming box. This will most likely be an incremental update, and not the full-fledged TV set that many have been waiting for. But if you’re in the market for a new Apple TV, it may still be a good idea to wait for another week and see how things play out.