VMware expands management of other clouds

According to Brandon Butler at Network World, “VMware has rolled out expanded support for non-VMware workloads in its management tools, including the added ability to manage OpenStack clouds and providing better visibility into Amazon and Microsoft clouds.”

This move pushes forward VMware’s goal to be a central management platform for multiple types of workloads within the enterprise.  “They also highlight the delicate nature of the cloud computing industry in which there are resources from various vendors, forcing companies like VMware to balance between encouraging customers to use their services, but also supporting competing platforms.”

I think this move reflects VMware’s realization that they won’t be the only private and public cloud provider, but they will be within most enterprises.  Thus, expanding their role as a cloud management platform, of sorts, is a step in the right direction.

It will be interesting to see how consumers of clouds respond to this play.  Many may want to choose third party cloud management platforms, rather than have VMware provide that service.  Much the same logic may go into enterprise decisions to not have AWS, Google, or Microsoft provide the cloud workload management capabilities as well.