Is Apple going to introduce a Surface-style keyboard cover for the iPad tomorrow?

Apple’s(s aapl) invites for its event tomorrow simply read, “We still have a lot to cover.” According to former developer relations employee Jamie Ryan, it could mean that quite literally. Gizmodo points to a blog post from Ryan, which claims that Apple might be making a Surface-style keyboard cover for the full-size iPad, which could be introduced at tomorrow’s event.

While there are plenty of third-party iPad keyboard covers on the market, none of them come directly from Apple. Right now, your only option is to use Apple’s standard desktop keyboard via Bluetooth. According to Ryan, Apple’s keyboard cover would likely use Bluetooth 4.0 and function similarly to the way Microsoft’s(s msft) cover works with its Surface tablets.

As the iPad mini continues to gain in popularity, this would allow Apple to market the full-size iPad as being more productivity oriented, as opposed to the more typical tablet focus on content consumption.

Also worth noting is that when it introduced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last month, Apple also introduced two new Lightning dock connectors. This isn’t a sure sign that Cupertino is looking to sell accessories galore, but given the popularity of the Smart Cover, an official keyboard cover makes sense.

“It’s not clear whether the process is far enough along to make this Tuesdays event but they did say a few different styles had been in testing for a while,” Ryan wrote. We’ll be in the audience at tomorrow’s event, so we’ll know for sure soon.