Report: Samsung will stick with its faux-leather finish in next version of Galaxy S phone

While it was rumored to be making the move to metal, a new report suggests that Samsung might stick with plastic for the Galaxy S 5. According to GalaxyS5Info, Samsung is likely to use the same faux-leather finish for the Galaxy S 5 that it just introduced with the Galaxy Note 3.

If true, this will undoubtedly upset lots of Samsung fans with their hopes set on something new. Though it makes some of the finest Android phones available, when it comes to build quality, Samsung arguably lags behind the competition. Compared to the industrial, aluminum-based phone designs from companies like Apple(s aapl) and HTC, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S 4 feels markedly less luxurious due to its plastic casing. The faux-leather look and feel of the back cover on the Galaxy Note 3 helps this somewhat, but ultimately, it’s still plastic.

According to the report, Samsung is planning to save the metal construction for a premium line of Galaxy F smartphones. Given the popularity of it flagship Galaxy S line, I’m not sure how well this move would go over with Galaxy S enthusiasts. And it’s unclear how the phones would differ aside from build quality, so take this news with a great of salt.