The iPad 2 is Apple’s most widely used tablet

Second time’s the charm for Apple(s aapl), at least as far as the iPad is concerned. A new study from Localytics shows that the iPad 2 is still Apple’s most widely used tablet — with more active users than the third and fourth-generation iPads combined.

According to the study, the iPad 2 accounts for 38 percent of all active iOS tablets. The third-generation iPad comes in second-highest, with a 19 percent share, while the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini capture 18 percent and 17 percent respectively.


What makes the iPad 2 so popular? According to Localytics, “this could be an indication that the innovation in tablets is slowing down and the perceived differentiation of the latest-generation tablets is getting smaller with each new release.” Perceived differentiation are the key words here, because to my eyes, the third-generation iPad represented the greatest leap forward for the tablet so far, due to its inclusion of the retina display.

But perhaps a simpler explanation for the iPad 2’s popularity is that you can still buy one today — for $100 less than the current generation. The fourth-generation iPad replaced the third-generation tablet when it went it was released, while the iPad 2 has remained on sale for the entire time.

Given the relative popularity of iOS tablets compared to Android, this also means that iPad 2 is likely the most widely used tablet in general. According to the study, Samsung leads the Android tablet market with a 55 percent share, but that is split among a much larger number of tablets than Apple’s five iPads.

Also noted in the study is that the iPhone 5c seems to be gaining some traction in the market compared to the iPhone 5s. When both phones came out last month the iPhone 5s was outselling the iPhone 5c 3-to-1, while that ratio is now down to just under 2-to-1.