2 things the government should regulate in the cloud.

The PRISM scandal made many call out for some sort of government regulation, in terms of monitoring the use of data on cloud providers.  Most feel data should not be analyzed without the knowledge of its owner.

While these types of laws are easy to sell outside of the US, we have a tendency to lean toward less government invasiveness in the US.  However, considering that the government was invasive in this case, many are calling for the government to regulate itself.

There are two things that come to mind when considering government regulation of the cloud.  Both will benefit the cloud providers and cloud users.

First, data chain of custody reporting.  This means that the cloud provider will be required to inform the owner of the data stored in the cloud, and where it’s been in terms of physical locales.  This is especially valuable to those outside of the US, where the physical location of data is regulated.  Chain of custody reporting will provide those who leverage public clouds with a sound understanding of who’s touching their data.  This would include any analysis by the government.

Second, inform data owners of any legal requests.  In the case of the NSA scandal, there were secret legal proceedings that the owners of the data were not aware of.  These must be brought to the attention of the cloud users, and thus they can take any appropriate action, limited as it may be.