Apple event statshot: 9M iPhones sold at launch, 60B apps downloaded, 170M iPads sold

Here are some of the key numbers mentioned on stage in San Francisco Tuesday.

  • iPhone 5s and 5c sales: Apple(s aapl) sold nine million of its new iPhones at the end of the launch weekend, something Apple CEO Tim Cook called “the biggest iPhone launch ever.”
  • iOS 7 upgrades: 200 million devices were running iOS 7 five days after launch. As of today, 64 percent of Apple’s devices are running iOS 7.
  • iTunes Radio: Apple’s new Pandora(s p) competitor has been tried by 20 million listeners in the U.S., which have played a total of one billion songs.
  • App downloads: Apple’s app store now offers more than one million apps, more than 475,000 of which have been made for the iPad. Customers have downloaded more that 60 billion iOS apps, and developers have earned over $13 billion through the app store. Apple had announced in May that users had downloaded more than 50 billion apps from the app store.
  • iPad sales: Apple has sold more than 170 million iPads since first introducing the device a little more than three years ago. When it introduced the iPad mini a year ago, Apple said that it had sold a total of 100 million full-sized iPads. The company went on to sell three million iPads in just three days after introducing the iPad 4 and the first-generation iPad mini.

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