Google buys France’s FlexyCore for better-performing Android

Google(s goog) has bought a French company called FlexyCore, which optimized Android for manufacturers and carriers – and consumers too, through apps such as DroidBooster (which appears to have been removed from the Play Store).

According to the French publication L’Expansion on Tuesday, Google paid €16.9 million ($23.1 million) for 5-year-old FlexyCore, which it has already integrated into its Android team. The acquisition process apparently began just over a year ago, but was concluded in early October.

Following that report, Google confirmed the acquisition to me with this brief statement:

“The FlexyCore team has strong expertise in building software to optimize Android device performance, and we think they’d be a great fit with our team.”

There’s not much to say at this point about the deal, other than that it will probably make Android run better. In all honesty, Android already runs very smoothly on high-end devices, so perhaps this is part of Google’s drive to have the OS work better on low-end phones – a characteristic that is rumored to be part of the upcoming Android “KitKat” 4.4 version.

This story was updated at 4.20am PT to include Google’s confirmation.