Nasuni adds a key storage option for AWS and Azure clouds

Nasuni, which manages data storage in Amazon(s amzn) and Microsoft(s msft) clouds for distributed business accounts, just updated its storage controller to add more cloud storage options as well as new solid state drive (SSD) hardware for on-premises use.

The new Nasuni Filers can now run as native machines in either Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Windows Azure. Up till now,  Nasuni supported VMware and HyperV VMs.  While HyperV is the basis of Azure’s virtualization, Nasuni’s engineers had to tweak their VM to make it worked well in Azure, said Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez. The new SSD hardware filer is offered in addition to the current hard-disk filer for in-house use.  SSDs are faster than traditional spinning disks.

“Customers want the flexibility to deploy hardware in their data centers where performance is needed while [also being able]  to spin virtual machines with the major cloud providers as part of a disaster recovery strategy,” Rodriguez said via email. “We can move a controller from physical to virtual without moving the data. That’s the magic.”

All of this is managed from Nasuni’s management console, he said.

The Natick, Mass. company competes with rivals like TwinStrata Panzura and StorSimple, now owned by Microsoft. All claim to make it easy for companies to put corporate data  into cloud repositories.