Apple goes after Google services and hands on with Acer C720

Sure, it’s the Chrome Show, but we had to talk about Apple (s APPL) after the company made such a ruckus about its apps and iCloud at the iPad event yesterday. Plus, Not long after getting an HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11, the Acer Chromebook C720 arrived at the GigaOM office. How does it compare with the lower-cost HP model? It’s certainly faster and lasts longer on a single charge, but the screen leaves a bit to be desired. Hear more about that, new Acer models in the works, Google Now coming to Chrome and two months of Google Play Music All Access on this week’s podcast.

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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Is Apple(s aapl) getting serious about taking on Google in the cloud?

Hands on with the Acer Chromebook C720

More Acer models with different configurations and touchscreens are looking likely

LG as a Google Chrome OS partner? The signs are there.

One step closer to Google Now in Chrome

Google officially announces “supervised users” for the beta channel of Chrome / Chrome OS

Google offers 60 days free Play Music All Access with all new Chromebook purchases

The HP Chromebook 14 works with either T-Mobile(s tmus) or AT&T(s t) 3G

App / extension of the week: Absolute Radio Live Scores (Go Liverpool!)