Eucalyptus tightens ties between its own and Amazon’s clouds

Eucalyptus continues to tout its technology as the best way to build a hybrid cloud with Amazon Web Services(S amzn). The new 3.4 release will let IT pros manage their private and public cloud workloads from the same console.

The new release also enables “warm upgrades”, so upgrade work can be performed without shutting down instances, Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos said in an interview.

Eucalyptus, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., is trying to position itself as the private cloud that is best aligned with Amazon’s massive public cloud. Meanwhile, Amazon has been adding services like its Storage Gateway that blur the distinction of its public cloud and customers’ own data centers.

And, Amazon’s contract to build the CIA’s cloud — which is apparently on again — shows its willingness to build secure clouds for big customers.

Mickos dismissed concerns that Amazon would start competing more directly with private cloud providers like, say, Eucalyptus.

“I don’t think there are that many $600 million deals out there and it’s only at that level that [separate Amazon clouds] make sense,” Mickos said. And, Amazon’s cloud is a model of homogeneity. “Amazon runs on a single set of CPUs, a single hypervisor — you choose the service but everything else is dictated by Amazon. We do what the customer wants, we integrate with multiple SANs and work with multiple types of infrastructure in-house,” he said.