T-Mobile lures in iPad users with free data, $0-down financing

T-Mobile(s tmus) on Wednesday revealed more details on how it plans to sell Apple’s(s aapl) new iPads and accompanying data plans under its own terms. When Apple announced the iPad Air and new iPad mini Tuesday, it revealed it would be the first iOS tablets sold through T-Mobile, and T-Mobile immediately announced it would extend its 200-MB free data plan to the devices.

But T-Mobile sweetened the pot today. Starting Nov. 1, the carrier will temporarily sell the baseline 16GB cellular iPads — which cost $530 for the mini and $630 for the Air — under a $0-down financing plan, allowing customers to pay off the devices over a two-year period. And it would offer new data plans that allow customers to either add their iPads to their existing T-Mobile service or buy data passes separately. T-Mobile added these options would available to all tablets in the future.

Here’s how they break down:

  • Any customer can connect an iPad to T-Mobile’s network and get 200 MBs of data (including LTE access) a month. 200 MBs isn’t much on a tablet, so T-Mobile hopes to upsell these customers on its paid data plans.
  • If you’re a T-Mobile voice customer you can access its regular tablet data plans, starting at 500 MBs for $10 a month. After hitting the cap, you’ll still remain connected but speeds will be throttled back until the next billing cycle. Customers can upgrade those data plan in 2GB increments for $10. So for $30 you get 2.5 GBs of data.
  • Customers who want to buy tablet data a la carte will have access to week and day passes. The day pass includes 500 MBs of LTE data and costs $5. The week pass has 1 GB and costs $10.