Twitter deal will see BBC embed video clips on trending topics — complete with ads

As it rolls out its new Twitter Amplify feature, which allows certain media partners to embed video clips in their stream — complete with ads — the company has been signing deals with broadcasters like NBC, primarily for sports or entertainment-related content. But on Wednesday the BBC announced that it is partnering with Twitter to embed news clips as part of a new venture called BBCTrending.

The clips, which come with their own #BBCTrending hashtag, will be short reports on the topics that are being discussed on social media networks like Twitter, and will be hosted by a BBC presenter dedicated to the feature. As Ad Age — which originally broke the news — noted in a post, this is the first time a broadcaster has created video content specifically for Twitter’s Amplify feature, and it is the first exclusively news-related venture to be part of such a deal.

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As Twitter prepares for its upcoming public stock offering, which could value the company at upwards of $15 billion, the company is trying hard to show that it can generate advertising revenue from content carried on the platform, and TV-related content has been a big focus of its efforts. Whether it can produce enough momentum from those efforts to satisfy investors looking for growth, however, is still an open question — and so is the question of whether users will enjoy having their stream taken over by video clips.