Samsung files patent for potential Google Glass rival

Samsung may not have hit it out of the park with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but perhaps it’ll have more luck with another new wearable. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung has filed a design patent in Korea for connected eyewear referred to as “sports glasses.” They bear a striking resemblance to Google Glass.

According to the report, Samsung’s glasses place more of an emphasis on “the ‘sporty’ aspect” of wearables. The patent shows that the glasses could come with built-in earphones, which would allow you to listen to music and answer calls while you’re wearing it. It also links with your smartphone to display phone alerts. It looks like there’s also a camera, but there’s no word about support for apps, like Google Glass.

My biggest concern is that the type of functionality described here makes these glasses sound limited compared to Google Glass. While Google(s goog) Glass continues to offer new features and services, a Samsung-specific set of eyewear could lack the same developer support. Then again, if Samsung chooses to sell them at a more consumer-friendly price than Google’s $1,500 Glass, it could attract curious buyers.

And with Microsoft also rumored to be getting into the glasses game, it’ll be interesting to see some fresh takes on what connected eyewear should be.