That time the CIA dropped by Backblaze and how AWS isn’t always the cheapest option

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We’re a success-obsessed culture but most people learn more from their screw-ups than their wins. That’s why Failcon is a great idea, says Gleb Budman, CEO and co-founder of Backblaze. It’s a conference where executives discuss their, yes, failures. Budman also talks about when the CIA dropped by to ask  how Backblaze stores massive amounts of user data (hmmmm …. ); and how, (spoiler alert) Amazon Web Services is not always the cheapest option.

And, Derrick Harris and I try to make some sense of the current Hadoopapaloosa and Oracle’s latest land grab. So check it out.

Gleb Budman, CEO and Co-founder of Backblaze.

Gleb Budman, CEO and Co-founder of Backblaze.

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Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris


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