Vine’s new update brings precise editing, multiple posts at once

Since Vine came out, its video creation process hasn’t changed much, and as many users can tell you, it’s slow. You’re only allowed to work on one Vine at a time, and if there’s a flaw in the recording, the entire thing needs to be redone. So more time-intensive videos, like stop-motion animation, would need to be reshot several times to achieve perfection. Now, new updates announced on the company’s blog not only enable users to produce multiple posts at once, but also edit them shot-by-shot.

This is the first serious camera update to the year-old micro-video app, which was acquired by Twitter and rapidly accumulated a 40 million strong user base. The company has previously focused on bringing faster and easier uploading to the app, as well as adding a “re-vine” feature to promote sharing content.

The first new feature, called “Sessions,” is just a fancy term for “Save for Later.” If a user is in the middle of a Vine and would like to come back to it, he can just save it to the app. Also, users can now keep track of multiple Vines at once, allowing for successive story posts or other creative multi-video projects.


The next feature is “Time Travel,” which enables users to go into a Vine and edit it shot-by shot, editing, adding or deleting material before publishing. This feature is a big nod to Vine power-users, as stop-motion animation has become a popular way for many users to Vine. Promoting efficiency and accuracy, it’s likely to be a big hit with the artsy Vine users who take hours to craft six seconds of video.

This update is a much needed one for Vine, which has relied on pretty bare functionality since its launch. These features do a great service to Vine fans, and show that the company is interested in building the app as a tool, rather than just a social platform.