Will the iPad mini with retina display be as hard to find as the gold iPhone?

If you’re still waiting for your gold iPhone 5s to arrive, you probably won’t be happy to hear this. An analyst is predicting the iPad mini with retina display might be just as hard to find as Apple’s(s aapl) gold phone when it first ships.

“The supply of the Retina Mini is going to be ridiculously tight in the fourth quarter,” Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet research at IHS electronics and media, told the Telegraph.

Rhoda claims that Apple’s initial supply for the iPad mini is expected to be just one-third of the size of its shipments from last year. She also told CNET, “We don’t expect to see meaningful volume until first quarter [of 2014].”

The reason for this is likely the iPad mini’s new retina display, which is taking longer to manufacture. It’s also curious that Apple didn’t set a firm release date for the second-generation iPad mini, saying only that it would become available at some point in November, which could be related to potential supply issues.

This report comes on top of a statement from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who last week predicted that iPad mini supplies would be “highly constrained.” It’s worth noting that Kuo’s same report was correct about the new mini not including Touch ID or coming in gold.

So if you’re planning to get a new iPad mini, it might be a good idea to get in line some time shortly after Apple announces a release date, or get an online order in as soon as you can.