Moga’s iPhone gamepad leaks, reported to have built-in battery

Though none are one the market yet, the iPhone(s aapl) gamepad competition is already heating up. Earlier this month we saw a device from Logitech, and now insider @evleaks has tweeted a picture and details of a device from Moga.

The Moga Ace Power looks similar to the Logitech gamepad, albeit significantly more angular, which could make it more comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions. This controller appears to use the “Extended” configuration Apple talked about at WWDC this year – the controller features an additional set of left and right thumbsticks compared to the Logitech gamepad. All in all, the layout is actually quite similar to the Moga Pro for Android(s goog), though the form factor is significantly more compact.

Perhaps the most exciting feature here is a built-in 1800mAh battery, according to evleaks. This will allow the controller to charge your iPhone as you play games. It isn’t clear whether the controller uses Bluetooth or the Lightning port to connect to your phone, but my guess is that these form-fitted cases connect through Lightning, while standalone controllers will use Bluetooth.

iPhone gamepad support just became possible with the release of iOS 7 last month. While these are only the first two controllers we’ve seen so far, they likely won’t be the last.