New pricing, features revealed: DVR for cord cutters will retail for $250 hasn’t said a whole lot about its upcoming second-generation DVR for cord cutters, except for saying that it will go on sale later this year and that the hardware is being manufactured by Silicondust — but a product page on just revealed some key details:

The revamped DVR will go on sale on December 12, and come with a $250 sticker price. However, Newegg is offering customers a pre-order price of $200, suggesting that the $250 may not be set in stone.

simpletv packaging

The device, coming with the model name “STV2-2US,” will have two tuners. The description on says that it will be able to stream up to five channels simultaneously, which is a bit funny math — but it may just mean that you can watch recordings or live video feeds on up to five devices at the same time. will make these streams available on PCs, mobile devices and Roku boxes within the home network or on the go, and the company has also said that it wants to bring its service to Chromecast and DLNA-compatible devices next.

Newegg also spilled some additional details about the hardware provided by Silicondust, which is based on a Zenverge ZN200 chipset, comes with 1GB of RAM, an Ethernet port and a USB 2.0 port. A hard drive is not included, so you’ll have to buy your own external hard drive to actually record shows.

Consumers will presumably also have to subscribe to’s EPG service. I asked whether the device will come with a couple of months of free service, but haven’t heard back yet.