As Apple pushes free apps and iCloud, should Google be worried?

Among the many topics on our weekly Chrome Show podcast, we took the deepest dive on Apple’s(s aapl) move to make its iWork apps free with the purchase of new hardware. Between that initiative and improvements in iCloud, Apple is starting to make waves in Google’s(s goog) ocean. Google Docs has become a useful productivity suite over time and will likely get better as Google continues to integrate Quickoffice into the suite; it’s already a part of the Chrome OS, in fact.

Should Google be worried and try to fend off Apple in this regard or does the company have no reason to fear Apple’s latest moves? We chat about that and more on the show, which you can download here or listen in directly below. As a Chromebook owner, I can actually get the best of both worlds: iCloud runs just fine in the Chrome browser!

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