More cloud growth in the healthcare vertical.

According to Formtek, the healthcare cloud computing market is definitely picking up its pace.

“In 2011, only about 4 percent of health care IT providers had adopted some form of cloud computing, but it was at that point that the market started to grow at a healthy rate of about 20 percent each year, and it’s expected to continue until 2017, when it ultimately reaches a market size of $5.4 billion, based on a report by MarketAndMarket.  Those estimates are similar to those published by Kalorama which predicts 21 percent growth of healthcare cloud computing in 2013, reaching $3.9 billion by the end of this year.”

The reasons for this growth are rather obvious.  They include:

  • Regulatory pressures that drive providers and payers to seek more agile approaches and technology.
  • Budget reductions that drive payers and providers to do more with less money.
  • The need to manage information on mobile devices for both healthcare providers and patients.  This includes cloud-based telemedicine and telemetry systems.
  • The need to leverage key data analytics to drive better care, as well as spot issues before they become larger and more costly.
  • The movement of their core healthcare application providers into the cloud.