Nexus 5 pictured in white, November 1 release date rumored

Chances are good that Google(s goog) and LG are set to deliver a Halloween treat later this week. Noted insider @evleaks has tweeted a photo of the LG Nexus 5 in white, along with what appears to be a November 1 release date.

As you can see, the image here matches up with the leaks of the phone we’ve seen so far in black. The color appears to feature a matte finish, and looks pretty sharp, at least in this render. It’s worth noting that Google didn’t release a white model of the Nexus 4 until well after half a year into the device’s lifespan, but it looks like it could be gearing up to launch the two colors simultaneously this time around.

As for the November 1 release date, @evleaks simply tweeted “In White. 11/1.” So it isn’t clear if Google plans to announce the phone that day, with availability to come later, or if it will actually be released on November 1. Of course, this date is also just a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. But Google announced the Nexus 4 exactly one year ago tomorrow, so I’d place my bets on seeing a new device at some point this week.