Pew: More than half of adult internet users post photos online

It just takes a quick glance at Facebook (s fb) to know that snapping and sharing photos are extremely popular, but new research from Pew shows that the trend is also heading to mobile as well.

According to the study, which surveyed 1,000 adults, 54 percent of internet users post original photo or video content online. In addition, 42 percent of users have taken an image or video already online and shared it with others through social media. Combined, 62 percent of users do either of these activities, up 10 percent from last year.

But the big surprise in this year’s study is how large mobile photo sharing has grown within the last year. For the first time ever, Pew factored in data related to both Instagram and Snapchat, finding that 18 percent of mobile phone owners use the former service and 9 percent use the latter. Those are pretty strong numbers, particularly for Snapchat — it shows that there is a market outside of the teenage demographic for mobile photo-sharing platforms.

Instagram recently revealed its new ads, which are designed to fit right in a user’s feed and look similar to regularly shared photos. And Snapchat might be taking advantage of its popularity to raise a hefty round of funding for further operations.

It’s great to be a photo-sharing app in 2013.