Samsung steps up the war over Android

Samsung today used its first Developer Conference in San Francisco as a stage to woo developers by introducing five new SDKs for its lineup of Andoid devices. The SDKs address smartphones, tablets and televisions — all of which Samsung produces in massive number — as well as a Multiscreen SDK aimed at enabling users to sync content across devices.

As my colleague Kevin Tofel noted — and as I’ve discussed at length before — ┬áSamsung is taking a page from Amazon’s playbook and creating its own ecosystem of apps and devices within the larger Android world. And those aren’t the only two players looking to use Google’s mobile operating system as a weapon against its creator: Cyanogen, a longtime developer of Android-based software for hackers and other techie types, recently announced plans to fork Android to offer its own line of mobile apps and services for mainstream consumers. Android has clearly emerged as the dominant mobile OS around the world, but it may not be long before we talk less about it as a single platform and more about each specific ecosystem within it.