Sorry, but 3D printing materials market will be bigger than $600 million by 2025

A new report is out from IDTechEx report forecasting the size of the 3D printing materials market to hit around $600 million by 2025.

Which is, in my opinion, an overly conservative forecast.

Here’s why: Even if the market is just a tiny fraction of the ink jet market (and yes, I recognize that ink jet printing and 3D printing is a much different market), which is expected to hit $67 billion market in 2017 – much of which is materials – then I think over a decade from now we’ll see 3D printing materials become much bigger.

While 3D printing will take many years to become mainstream, the technology has the possibility to reinvent small-run manufacturing, the design industry, as well as product distribution and creation since, well, instead of shipping a product to your house, you can simply choose to print it. In fact, in ten years from now – which is still two years before the forecast hit the $600 million figure – we’ll be able to likely print many of our toys, gadgets, home materials and more, all of which means this market will potentially be massive.

And which, in my opinion, shows that less than a $ 1 billion materials market is much too small.