Apple hit with class action over faulty iMac screens

An Idaho man who paid $2,259 for a 27″ iMac computer is suing Apple(s aapl) on behalf of others who purchased the computer, claiming half of its display went dark after 18 months.

In a complaint filed last week in San Jose, aspiring music teacher Corbin Rasmussen says he thought the iMac was expensive but, relying on Apple’s claims that is was “designed for a long productive life,” saved up to buy one to use as a home computer and media center,

Rasmussen claims that, after 50 percent of the screen went dim, the iMac became nearly useless for watching movies and made basic web browsing difficult. He complained to Apple, which told him a repair would cost more than $500 since the defect arose after the product’s one year warranty expired.

The complaint also states that Apple received hundreds of complaints about the display problem, and that it failed to address the alleged defect in 2011 when it put out a new version of the 27″ inch iMac with an updated processor and graphics card. It also cites reports from the website Tech Crunch describing the computer as “iLemon.”

The lawsuit says the case is worth more than $5 million, and seeks to represent everyone in America who bought a 27″ inch iMac with a LG-LED-backlit display before December, 2012.

The suit relies on California’s consumer protection laws to say Apple deceived Rasmussen and others, but the lawsuit may face an uphill battle. Another class action based on out-of-warranty claims — this one over a “wiggly” power button in the iPhone 4 — recently failed.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. You can read the claim for yourself here:

iMac class action.pdf

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