Goodbye dotCloud, hello Docker

DotCloud, the company behind the Docker open-source PaaS project, will now be known as Docker Inc.

Docker’s claim to fame is it lets developers encapsulate their application as a compact container that can then, in theory, run across any Linux bare metal, virtualized, public cloud or private cloud environment.

That write-once-run-anywhere message is a siren call for developers who — obviously — want to attack the broadest possible market. And Docker has picked up some pretty interesting partners. It is working with Red Hat(s rhat) to integrate the technology into its OpenShift PaaS. And the latest OpenStack release, a.k.a. Havana, incorporates it as well.

In July, dotCloud named Ben Golub, former CEO of Gluster, as its new CEO.

What dotCloud has done mirrors what 10gen did about a month ago when the creator of the popular MongoDB NoSQL database renamed itself MongoDB.