Google woos MySQL faithful to its cloud

Google(s goog) really  wants to make its cloud  a destination for developers who might otherwise stick with or flock to Amazon Web Services (s amzn) so now it’s making it easier for them to tie their apps into its own Cloud SQL managed MySQL database service.

Developers can now use the MySQL Wire Protocol “to access your replicated, managed, Cloud SQL database  from just about any application,” according to a Google blog post. The use of the words “just about” indicates there will be exceptions to that rule, which I’m looking into.

It also means MySQL developers — and there are many of them —  who typically use Connector/J , Connector/ODBC and Connector/.NET drivers now can keep using them to access Cloud SQL from many existing applications.  They can also keep using their tried-and-true database productivity tools like Toad or their basic MySQL command line to manage Cloud SQL instances.

Before now developers had to use a custom driver to do this and the use of native MySQL connections are “faster, more standard, and easier for developers to use under more circumstances,” a Google spokesman said.

This is a meaningful attempt by Google to support more third-party tools.  “Google Cloud SQL didn’t support native MySQL connections before, making it more difficult to migrate existing applications — or to use existing open source tools built around MySQL. I think this is a ‘catch-up’ to the RDS service that AWS provides,” said one developer in the AWS camp.

It’s a no brainer that Google is playing catchup to Amazon in this space so look for more and better support of standard tools going forward.