Nexus 5 leaks again in purported Sprint renders, unboxing photo, and Taiwan’s FCC

Chances are you’ve already seen your fair share of Nexus 5 leaks. Google(s goog) is expected to make the phone official this week, but until then, it continues to appear in new and unexpected places. Like this unboxing photo:

Nexus 5 unboxing

Sure, it’s a little blurry. But this photo, tipped to PhoneArena and since removed from PhotoBucket, looks legit. The phone pictured here has the same design we’ve been seeing, alongside the same box seen in an LG distribution center a couple of days ago.

Next up are some purported renders of the phone on Sprint(s s) posted by Android Headlines:

Nexus 5 Sprint renders

There’s no Sprint branding on the device itself, but it will be interesting to see if it makes it to the finished product. And here we’re getting another look at the white version of the phone, which we just learned about on Monday.

Finally, a number of other new photos have surfaced on Chinese site VR-Zone by way of Taiwan’s FCC:

Nexus 5 FCC

Here you can see that the phones measures about 137mm long and 69mm wide, and features the same distinctive camera lens we’ve been seeing since the Nexus 5 first appeared.

Google is likely to launch the device soon, but until then, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up in a few more places.